Got Questions?

Why does Hero2Hero exist?


We believe a world with far fewer converts to radical Islamic terrorism, believers in jihad and zealots determined to take away our personal freedoms is a much safer world. Everyone benefits. We're working to make this happen.

Why is Hero2Hero different?


This initiative is unlike anything else being undertaken; we're penetrating the absolute, most dangerous areas of the world. Our actions benefit every child and parent that seeks a solution to radical islamic terrorism. And for every child we free from a life of terror, future innocent lives could also be saved. 

What impact can I make?


You can make an immediate impact! You can share our story with one click, leverage your influence with friends and family, write a blog post, call a radio show, organize a team, school or lead a community - without spending one penny! 

Our average cost to engage an innocent child is less than two dollars.  We deeply appreciate every financial donation you can make, and know we're grateful for everything you can contribute - be it your time, influence or money!  Click here to learn some important ways you can help!

How will my money be spent?


To directly supply our team with essential equipment, supplies and resources critical to producing materials, teacher training and child learning.

Are you an efficient 501(c)3 organization?


Yes. We're recognized as one of the highest return on investment non-profits in America. A 2015 independent audit determined our average cost to locate, supply and teach one child was less than $2, placing us in the top 1% of non-profits in our field.

Why should I care?


Every child we rescue represents an innocent life saved and potentially, many more lives spared from future acts of terror this one child might have committed. Radicalism, terrorism, and idealogical intolerance can only be stopped one heart at a time. If we only fight fire with fire, we'll simply get more fire. 

Where is Hero2Hero located?


Our headquarters is located in Valdosta, Georgia. We operate in 70-80 nations, with our most dangerous locations kept with the highest degree of secrecy to protect our team's heroes. Contact us at or 404-594-5391.

How serious is the radical Islamic threat to children?

Warning: Contains Disturbing Images


See how ISIS is recruiting children into terrorism.

How do I learn more?

Hopefully this 9.5 minute radio interview will help!