A Real Solution for Our Time

Many of us are gripped with a sense of helplessness in today's chaos filled world.  It seems like terrorism, brutality and unspeakable evil is growing by the day. And it's understandable to think our problems will never be solved by any politician or military leader. They won't.

In the darkest times in human history, from the days of slavery to the holocaust years of World War II, ordinary people took extraordinary actions to rescue others.  In the face of unspeakable evil, regular citizens joined together to build underground railroads and secret passage ways that led people to freedom. Courage was their solution.  And today, it's our solution.

Hero2Hero is an underground rescue team built to free innocent people from the most hellish places on earth. Our team of volunteers are fueled by courage and conviction. We've broken the chains of fear, doubt and apathy. And we're risking everything to rescue others.

Each of us can, in our own unique ways, build a stronger, faster, better underground rescue team. Lend us your talents and gifts, your voice and your influence.  Everyone, regardless of age, gender or faith, can add real value to our team.  We can help to dramatically reduce terrorism in our generation and the next - one innocent, enslaved child at a time.

The good news is, we can individually help reduce terrorism by helping rescue the most innocent people on earth. We can do what elected politicians will never do. 

Our Hero2Hero Team needs you to become one of our heroes. We ask you to help us promote our mission, lead a group, donate your time, skills and treasures however you possibly can.  Use FaceBook, Twitter, email and blogs to inspire your family & friends. 


For less than two dollars, one member of our Hero2Hero team is equipped with tools to bring freedom to one child. If you'd like to support our mission, please click here to donate as generously as you can. Even if you can't give financially, there are dozens of ways to support our mission! Simply click here to learn how!

Our solution is an underground rescue team.

We invite you to join us!